Toxic Relationships and Narcissistic Abuse Meetup at 37c3

At this meeting at the 37th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, we will collectively explore healing of toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse. We will share experiences, insights, and coping strategies to liberate ourselves from the chains of unhealthy connections, and discuss how we can support others who may still feel trapped in such situations.

The objective of this gathering is to promote a sense of solidarity and understanding among individuals who have either overcome the challenges of toxic relationships or are still in the process of processing their experiences.

Maximum number of participants: 20. Please be on time!

This is not a lecture, but a guided assembly of affected parties.

2023-12-29 14:00 - 15:30

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Update: Thank you again, everyone, for the gift of sharing your very personal stories with me and everyone present. What a beautiful and moving experience. <3 <3

Conference room with an empty circle of chairs View towards CCH, the 37c3 venue Signage at conference room: “LIEBE”

Toxic Relationship and Narcisstic Abuse Meetup at 37c3